After years of saving money for that down payment and looking at one home for sale after another in Miami you've finally found the home of your dreams. The house has everything you were looking for, plenty of room for raising the kids and entertaining, a nice modern kitchen and newly remodeled bath. A great backyard for the kids to play in all in a safe kid friendly neighborhood, that is close to local parks and other entertainment options. As well as located near a good shopping center with your doctor and dentist within an easy commute.


Everything seems just perfect except one thing. Your dream home is not located in the best school district. So now you must choose between having the home of your dreams and a less than great school for your child, or settling for a home that falls short of your wants and needs in a really good district.


Should you purchase that home of your dreams or settle for a home that doesn't have everything you want in order to find something in a better school district? In making your decision there are several things you will need to consider including:


Your Investment


Investing in a home is a huge commitment of time and money. Will you and your family be happy and comfortable in investing in a Miami home that is not what you wanted or really needed. While education is important, so is living a happy life in a home that you love and that is in a safe neighborhood.


Accessing Your Children’s Motivation


Considering your children's motivation when choosing between the perfect house and the perfect school may seem of little importance. However, you need to consider that some children simply lack the motivation to learn. If your child lacks that motivation then even the best school may not be able to provide them with the high quality education you want for them. On the other hand, if your children enjoy learning and are highly motivated to do so then a less than perfect school will not hold them back.


Ratings Are Not Everything


Most parents base their knowledge of the best schools on the school’s ratings. In fact, there are many fine schools that don't rank as high in the ratings based on a number of different factors. In addition. Parents need to consider that there are ways to enhance their child's education including transferring their child to a better rated school, considering a charter or private school, supplementing your child's education with online courses, private tutors, and family oriented learning experiences. Studies also suggest that when parents become involved in their child's learning by overseeing homework and encouraging their educational interests children get more out of their old education.


Keep in mind that it is possible to have the home of dreams and provide your child with a high quality education even if your dream home is not in a great school district, it just involves some good old compromise.


For assistance in finding a home in a good school district such as Pinecrest, South Miami, or even private schools like Gulliver, Ransom, or The Cushman School. Give Eddie LaRosa a call 305-968-8397 for guidance and a patient understanding approach to sales.