Here is a list of typical buyer expenses a home buyer in Miami may encounter. Don't get caught off guard at the table come closing, call us today to discuss the expenses associated with a home purchase and to start your search.

As always, buyers do not pay a thing for our realtor broker services.

“Out of Pocket” Expenses:
Courier (federal express)
Credit Report
Digital Imaging/Archiving Fee
Documentary Stamps on the Note: $.35 per $100.00 of note amount
E-recording fee: $4.00 per instrument to be recorded
Flat Fee Commission ($250.00 EWM Realtors)
Inspection Fees and other lender’s fees
Intangible Tax on the Mortgage: $.20 per $100.00 of mortgage amount
Mortgage Points
Title Insurance: Lender’s Policy
Owner’s Policy
Recording Fees: $10.00 first page, $8.50 each additional page
Settlement Fee
Survey / Termite Report / Roof Report (if required)
2 to 13 months property taxes (changes depending on time of the year closing takes place)
14 months hazard insurance
14 months flood insurance (if required)
14 months of windstorm insurance (if required)
P.M.I. Premium (if loan to value ratio is higher than 80%)
Prepaid Interest (from closing date to the end of the month)

Courtesy of EWM Title