In 1949 Jorge Perez was born in Buenos Aires. Before moving to Miami in 1968, Jorge lived in Colombia while his father was the head of a pharmaceutical company. Jorge possesses a bachelor’s in economics that he received from Long Island University at their C. W. Post Campus and a master’s in urban planning that he earned at University of Michigan. These two degrees he used to power his career.



Before entering real estate, Jorge Perez focused on his economics career. His last position before leaving economics was to be the Economic Development Director for the City of Miami. In this position he had a good chance to learn about the city and its needs. And at the time, it had a fair amount of architectural needs.



After leaving employment with the City of Miami, Jorge started his company Related Group along with Stephen M. Ross, a builder from New York. Unlike many other real estate investors and developers, Perez didn’t make his first fame and fortune by building luxury homes or condos. Perez started out by constructing multifamily affordable housing for those in Miami. He continued to manage the buildings after construction.



The related group quickly became one of the largest affordable housing builders in Miami and most of the country. The fame and fortune he received from this he began developing apartment buildings in Miami. Then Jorge and Related Group found their niche, building luxury condo towers.



By 2004, The Related Group had a yearly revenue of 2.1 billion. An amazing income like this put Perez up at the top of Hispanic Business 500. As of this year, his net worth is pegged around 2.6 billion dollars.



Jorge Perez does more with his money then buy real estate though. He is a well-known part of the democratic party. During the Bill Clinton’s presidency, Jorge advised President Clinton on Cuba, having a vast amount of personal knowledge. He also helped fundraise for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Barack Obama’s campaign.



Philanthropy is also a big passion for Jorge Perez. His first major project of note was being the benefactor of The Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center at University of Miami. Other acts have included donating art and cash to museums. He also supports a number of non-profits. In his will Jorge Perez has promised to leave more than half of his money to charitable causes. Further, he has promised his personal art collection to the Perez Art Museum Miami upon his death.



On a more personal note, Perez lives in Miami and is married to Darlene Perez. They have four children. Despite being called the Donald Trump of the Tropics, Jorge Perez has been recently critical of President Trump.



The Related Group as a company has worked around the world with a majority of their projects being in Miami. However, you can also find their work in Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, and Mexico. In 2017, the Related Group opened an office in Texas to work out of for Texas, Nevada, and Colorado apartment projects.



Projects created by Jorge Perez and the Related Group include:



  • 50 Biscayne
  • Icon Brickell
  • Icon South Beach
  • Murano at Portofino
  • Paraiso Bay



After Jorge Perez decides to retire, his son, Jon Paul Perez, will take over Related Group. Since he started working at the company, Jorge has been preparing his son to be ready to take over the building. They started small but now his son oversees condo projects and other facets of the business.



Jorge Perez has built Related Group into a large business. One that has become a trusted name for both construction and management of properties around the world. Condos and apartments developed by Related Group are some of the most desired in Miami and other places. They come with luxury and quality built-in. And it looks like that will continue after Jorge’s son takes over Related Group.