The Benefits of Impact Windows in Miami

The Benefits of Impact Windows in Miami


Impact windows are specifically designed to resist the penetration of the window due to flying debris and shattering by strong winds. Impact windows are best suited to areas where hurricanes and violent storms with high winds may be issue. These windows are recommended for residences and businesses that are located along the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico, including Miami where the dangers of window breakage from wind and flying debris is the greatest.


Impact windows must meet standards sent by the International building code.


How Wind and Debris Can Affect Normal Windows and Your Building's Interior


When high winds and flying debris strike normal windows, these windows can break or even shatter driving the broken shards of glass and the window to fly around your building embedding in furniture, wood, and even the inhabitants.


In addition, once high velocity winds enter the building pressure builds up and wreaks havoc on the interior building resulting in damaged furniture, dishes, and other contents and may even result in structural damage to the building itself, making the building completely unsafe.


Impact Windows Come with a Variety of Features


Impact windows come with a variety of features such as raised muttons, painted finishes, custom colors, as well as various glass and hardware options.


You can purchase impact windows in wood, vinyl or aluminum. Impact windows provides building owners more benefits that simply protecting your building from flying debris. Other benefits include:


  • Helps Conserve Energy- impact windows, not only protects your building from wind and flying debris, but also helps conserve energy allowing you to use less heat or air conditioning to maintain the temperature of your home.


  • Increases Security of Your Building- Impact windows also can increase the security of your building, making it less likely that a vandal or thief can enter your building through a broken window, since these windows are resistant to breakage. In areas such as Miami where crime can run high having this extra level of security is important.


  • Reduces 99% of Harmful UV Rays- Impact windows, especially tinted impact windows help reduce harmful UV rays from fading your furniture or art work.


  • Sound Reduction- Impact windows also reduce outside sound from entering your building, allowing for a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere.


  • Can Lower Your Insurance Rates- Many insurance companies in areas where wind and flying debris and window breakage is a common occurrence offer reduced insurance rates for building owners who have impact windows installed.


  • Increases the Value of Your Building- homeowners and building owners who have installed impact windows tend to increase the value of their buildings getting a higher price should they decide to sell their building.


While impact windows may cost a bit more to install the benefits that these windows far outweigh the costs of installing the windows over time. In fact, should you be hit with a major storm accompanied by high winds and flying debris the cost of these windows may well save your Miami home or building from being completely damaged in the event of a huge storm or hurricane.


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