Miami’s real estate market hasn’t always been what it is now. Major names in the game worked to change that. New construction, remodeling, and revitalization projects can all be thanked for changing Miami. Among these companies and people who have changed Miami, there are many names. One that stands out amongst all of them is Arquitectonica.



In 1977 Arquitectonica became a reality. An architectural firm with a heavy focus in modern design that was immediately liked by Miami and the rest of the world. It was a bold concept to use for a new firm but it was one that worked for the group. The firm was founded by Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear.



Arquitectonica has not stopped pushing into new design methods and ideas. To do this a wide mix of methods and tools are utilized. The company doesn’t stop at trying new and emerging materials, such as new eco-friendly and recycled materials. Then they play with aspects such as geometry and color to help create a unique design for every part of a project that they work on. This openminded thinking and skill has lead the firm to being one of the most popular in Miami.



In the modern world where we can see signs of how human life is impacting the environment and nature, sustainability is an important factor in design. Arquitectonica is committed to helping the planet. It isn’t just their word for it either. The various members at Arquitectonica have focused on training for sustainability and in addition to that they have received awards for their sustainable designs.



To further help with the goal of becoming sustainable Arquitectonica launched ArquitectonicaGEO. Led by Laurinda H. Spear, the offshoot of Arquitectonica is dedicated to deliver sustainable landscape architecture for the modern building. With the two companies, Arquitectonica provides a well-rounded approach to designing buildings.



Arquitectonica isn’t just a Miami architecture design company. They have offices around the world in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Lima, and Sao Paulo. The work of designers from Arquitectonica has been put front stage in the international world. Hundreds of awards have been received by Arquitectonica. Work from the firm has also ended up subject of architecture schools and museums.



Here are just some of the rewards that the firm has received:



  • AIA Florida Firm of the Year
  • AIA Miami Firm of the Year
  • The Architectural Digest 100 Award
  • Home Society Of American Registered Architects National Award For Design Excellence
  • Urban Land Institute Southeast Florida 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award


You might recognize some of the projects they have worked on:



  • Microsoft Europe Headquarters
  • Bronx Museum
  • Cyberport Technology Campus (Hong Kong)
  • Agricultural Bank of China
  • China Construction Bank Headquarters (Shanghai)
  • International Finance Center (Seoul)
  • American Airlines Arena (Miami)



These are all wonderful and amazing projects. But they aren’t where the company got started. Arquitectonica defined the Miami skyline with buildings of all kinds. Let’s talk about just a few of them to help you get an idea for the company.






Atlantis is a modern-style glass covered apartment building but the addition of a cutout in the middle with a bright red winding staircase and yellow balconies protruding from the building make it something more. You probably saw it in Miami Vice or Scarface if you are a fan.



Brickell City Centre



Miami has plenty of shopping experiences but Brickell City Centre is in the middle of one of the most popular Miami neighborhoods. Arquitectonica may have went a little more standard with their design of this building but the unique paneled design of the building help to make it standout. As does the special airflow design for the lettering of Brickell City Centre on the side.



Miami Times Headquarters



The building has a traditional office building appearance minus the wavy sides. Two glass pillars that go about three quarters up the front also set it aside from other business buildings in the area. No longer used by the Miami Times, the building stills serves as a local landmark.



Arquitectonica has also worked to create a number of the local condo towers in Miami. Those condos are still some of the most popular to live in. They are a luxury above that which most are used to when they hear the term condominium.